Bryce Pens

These twist pens use a Parker-style refill. You extend the refill by twisting the finial (the top part) of the pen.

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(L - pen length in inches; D - maximum pen diameter in inches; d - diameter measured 1" above tip; W - weight in ounces)

Bryce Twist Pen - Dymondwood with gold trim

$70 (L4.9 D.42 d.41 W1.1) #1144

Bryce Twist Pen - Leopardwood with gold trim

$70 (L4.9 D.44 d.41 W1.1) #1123

Bryce Twist Pen - Bubinga with chromium trim

$70 (L5.0 D.44 d.34 W1.1) #1108