Workshop Tour

Welcome to my workshop, located in a corner room of my basement. It only measures 12 x 15 feet. I wish it was larger, but I can fit all my equipment and still have room to work. Before moving my equipment in, I painted the walls, and put an epoxy finish on the floor. This makes it easy to sweep up the sawdust. I also installed six overhead light fixtures that fill my shop with great light. You wouldn't believe how much fun I had getting all this heavy equipment down the basement stairs by myself. You can click on any image to enlarge it.

In this view you can see my lathe against the far wall. Next to it is a jointer, which is used to put a straight edge on lumber. On top of my tablesaw is a cross-cut sled that I designed and built.

On the right is a cart with my grinder, used to sharpen my turning tools. On my workbench are multiple benchtop tools including a scroll saw, oscillating spindle sander, belt sander, and drill press.

Here is the other side of the shop. For dust control, I have a dust collector in the corner (it's quite loud), as well as an air filtration system mounted on the wall. When I'm working, this will continually filter the air. I also installed an exhaust fan to exhaust my shop air outside. By turning this on, I keep the shop at a negative pressure relative to the rest of the house so any dust stays in the shop rather than migrating elsewhere. It's also great for removing fumes when I'm using finishes, paints or other solvents.

I have a planer sitting on top of my tool cart (the yellow machine). When milling lumber, this will plane two surfaces of wood exactly parallel with each other and allow me to bring it down to whatever thickness I desire. On the far wall is my 14 inch bandsaw.

Here is a better picture of my bandsaw. This gets used a lot in preparing wood blanks.