Pen Wood Finishes

Cyanoacrylate "CA" finish

This finish is the most labor intensive and as a premium finish, will add slightly to the cost of a pen. I typically use over 12 coats of cyanoacrylate when finishing a wood pen. This is a similar acrylic resin formula to that used in "super-glue" and is allowed to harden between each coat. Once this is sanded and polished, it becomes a hard, shiny, glass-like surface that will hold up well to years of use.

Lacquer Finish

This is a favorite finish due to it's durability and clarity, allowing the underlying wood to shine through.

Wax and Oil Finish

Some people prefer the more natural feel of wood grain while holding their pen and want a less-glossy surface. If you desire, I can finish the wood with a special blend of wax, oils, and shellac to give a feel of handcrafted wood. This finish holds up very nicely and has the appearance of fine furniture. To see an example, look at my seam ripper.

Note: Pen bodies made out of acrylics or Tru-stone do not require any overlaid finish for protection. For these, I polish the sanded pen bodies directly to a high shine. The exact degree of shininess depends on the properties of the material being polished.