Radiance Asian Pink Coral Tru-Stone

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Radiance Rollerball Pen

Asian Pink Coral Tru-stone, Rhodium trim with crystal accents

Refill: Schmidt Rollerball

Length - 5.3", Max diameter - 0.59", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.33", Weight - 1.9 ounces


This is a high-end writing instrument for someone who wants the best in fashion accessories. It features a large multi-faceted glass crystal in the end cap, a smaller crystal on the opposite end post, and 22 small crystals mounted around the center band. They'll see you sparkling from all angles. The quality rhodium-plated trim highlights the eye-catching Asian Pink Coral Tru-stone body of this pen. Tru-stone is a man-made material composed of 85% natural stone ore that has been pulverized to a powder then mixed with pigments and acrylic resin. The result is a substance that looks and feels like natural stone, but can be turned on a lathe to make pens and other objects.

The top cap of this pen unscrews to reveal the writing nib. The cap is postable, meaning it can be screwed onto the opposite end of the pen when in use. Included is a premium German-made Schmidt rollerball cartridge.

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