Essex Rubies & Gold

Essex Rollerball Pen

Rubies and Gold acrylic body with rhodium trim and titanium gold accents

Refill: Schmidt rollerball

Length - 5.4", Max diameter - 0.63", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.38", Weight - 2.3 ounces


A mixture of rich Ruby red and Gold resins produce a stand-out acrylic body on this classic rollerball pen. The acrylic body pieces are hand-turned on my lathe, similar to wood, to the correct shape and size. They are then sanded and polished to a high gloss. The body is further enhanced by the rhodium plated trim pieces, which contain carved accents finished in gold titanium. This is a pen that gets noticed!

The cap unscrews to reveal the tip of a premium Schmidt rollerball cartridge, which is a standard size found in all office supply stores. This cartridge can be changed by unscrewing the nib of the pen. Due to the size and weight of this pen, the cap is not postable, but is meant to be admired on your desk while writing.

I made this particular pen to be donated for a charity auction. To aid in display, I also hand-turned a pen stand from a piece of Beech.