Bullet Pen with Elk Antler

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Bullet Twist Pen

Real Elk Antler with gold titanium trim

Refill - Parker-style

Length 5.7", Max Diam 0.63", Diam 1" above tip 0.43", Wt 2.0 oz


The cartridge shell seen here is a genuine .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. A real bullet was drilled hollow and becomes the nib of the pen. The shell has been polished and clear powder-coated it so it will not tarnish. I take this converted shell cartridge and craft the body for the top half of the pen out of real Elk antler. The antler has been shaped on my lathe, then covered with over 12 coats of cyanoacrylate and polished to a high gloss shine. A gold titanium plating is used on the finial and clip.

Twisting the upper half of the pen in either direction will extend the tip for writing. This pen uses readily available Parker-style ink refills that can be accessed by unscrewing the Elk antler upper half.