Knurled Desert Ironwood

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Knurled Twist Pen

Desert Ironwood, black Titanium trim

Refill: Parker-style

Length - 5.0", Max diameter - 0.55", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.45", Weight - 1.7 ounces


The body of this pen is made from Desert Ironwood. Also known as palo fierro (Olneya tesota), Desert Ironwood is found in the Sonoran Desert. It is one of the hardest and heaviest woods in the world and is highly resistant to rotting. It has a prominent grain and interesting figure. After turning the body to the correct shape and size, I finished the wood with over 10 coats of cyanoacrylate. This was then polished to a glass-like shine. To complement this strong wood, I chose robust Knurled Twist pen components plated with black titanium, a hard metal that resists wear.

The writing tip is exposed by twisting the finial of the pen. This pen uses readily available Parker-style ink refills that can be accessed by unscrewing the nib.