1144 Bryce Dymondwood

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Bryce Twist Pen

Dymondwood, gold trim

Refill: Parker-style

Length - 4.9", Max diameter - 0.42", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.41", Weight - 1.1 ounces


This is a relatively short and slender pen that fits in anywhere, yet is solid and feels great in your hand. It has a unique style that is both retro and timeless. The brilliant gold trim nicely complements the Dymondwood body. Dymondwood is composed of multiple layers of brightly dyed northern hardwood veneers that are vacuum impregnated with resin and then subjected to high temperatures while being compressed. The resultant product has the characteristics of high density hardwood and polycarbonate. This is turned to size and shape on my lathe, then sanded smooth and finished with over 12 coats of cyanoacrylate. The body is then polished to a glass-like finish.

This pen uses a standard Parker-style refill. To extend the refill, simply twist the top finial of the pen in either direction. Included with your pen is a premium easyFlow 9000 ink cartridge, made by Schmidt in Germany. To replace the refill, simply unscrew the short black section above the nib of the pen.

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