1163 Royal Fountain Pen

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Royale Fountain Pen

Brown Mallee Burl and Acrylic with rhodium trim and 22k gold accents

Length - 5.1", Max diameter - 0.59", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.33", Weight - 1.7 ounces


This high end fountain pen combines the beauty of Brown Mallee Burl wood with the pizazz of multi-colored acrylic. Brown mallee is a shrub-like tree in the Eucalyptus genus that rarely grows more than 30 feet high and has multiple stems arising from ground level. It is native to Australia and most noted for its beautiful burls. Burls are rounded irregular outgrowths on the trunk and branches. Because of the disorganized wood growth within a burl, the wood grain pattern is irregular and often contains multiple swirls and “eyes”. This interesting grain makes these burls prized for woodturnings. This particular brown mallee burl was cast with purple, red, and blue acrylic. The lighter sapwood at the surface of the burl is clearly visible on each half of this pen.

What better way to fully display this great combination than on a Royale fountain pen using bright rhodium plating with 22 carat gold plated hand-cast engravings on the centerband and endcaps. To complete your elegant writing experience, I can install either a Heritage Semi-flex two-tone steel nib or a German-made Bock nib. A premium Schmidt piston filler converter is also included.

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