1219 Royale Lightning

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Royal Fountain Pen with Lightning Theme


This premium Royale fountain pen is crafted out of Sky Blue Pearl Kirninite acrylic. This is a premium acrylic that is durable and resistant to chipping, but can take a high polish. The cap is constructed in layers, with a layer of white Kirninite sandwiched between the Sky Blue Pearl. This results in a vertical white band, which is the perfect background for a lightning bolt applique on each side. These lightning bolts have been embedded into the acrylic by the application of multiple overlying layers of cyanoacrylate. The pieces are then sanded and polished to a high gloss. If desired, the cap is postable onto the end of the pen while writing.

The pen is further embellished with rhodium plating and 22 carat gold accents plated on the hand-cast engravings found on the center band and end caps. To complete your elegant writing experience, I have installed a premium German-made Bock nib. A piston-style converter is included.

Pen serial # 1219