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Saratoga Rollerball Pen

Green pearly two-tone acrylic and golfer inlay with gold titanium trim and chromium accents

Refill: Schmidt rollerball

Length - 4.9", Max Diameter - 0.61", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.33", Weight - 1.9 oz


This pen is dedicated to the golfer. It shows an inlayed golfer ready to drive his next shot on a background of two-tone green pearly acrylic. After turning the pen body on my lathe to the correct size and shape, I then polish it to a high gloss. Premium gold titanium-plated pen components are then assembled onto the body. These components are further enhanced with elegant chrome-plated accents on the centerband and finial. The golfer pen cap is postable, meaning that it will screw onto the opposite end of the pen while writing.

A premium German-made Schmidt rollerball cartridge with ceramic tip is included. This standard-size rollerball refill can be accessed by unscrewing the front section of the pen.