Magnetic Amboyna Burl

Magnetic Rollerball Pen

Amboyna Burl, Chromium Trim

Refill: Schmidt Rollerball

Length - 5.2", Max diameter - 0.53", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.52", Weight - 1.6 ounces


This is a modern take on a rollerball pen with a unique magnetic cap. Instead of screwing off, the cap simply pulls off. You can post it onto either end of the pen with a snap, as the magnet in the cap attaches it firmly into place. The body of this pen is crafted from Amboyna Burl. found on the Paduak tree (Pterocarpus indicus) of Southeast Asia. (also called a Narra tree). Although this tree is common, the burl is rare and striking in its appearance . It was named after the area in which it was first described, Ambon Island (currently Maluku, Indonesia). This burl wood was horded by Chinese Emperors due to it's rarity and beauty. Today it is sought after by woodworkers and woodturners. After crafting the body of the pen on my lathe, I finished the Amboyna burl with over 12 coats of cyanoacrylate and polished it to a deep gloss. This produces a very durable finish. Also dressing up this pen is the bright chromium plating on all the metal trim. This is one of the hardest platings available.

This pen uses a standard-size rollerball refill available at office supply stores. Included with the pen is a premium Schmidt rollerball with ceramic tip made in Germany. It can be accessed by unscrewing the nib.