1222 Royale Segmented FP

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Royale Fountain Pen

Amboyna Burl and Honduran Rosewood with rhodium trim and 22k gold accents


This Royale fountain pen is not only a precision writing instrument, but also a unique piece of art crafted with three types of exotic wood. The predominant wood centered within the upper and lower pen body is Amboyna burl, which comes from the Paduak tree (Pterocarpus indicus, aka Narra tree). This Southeast Asian tree can develop a burl, which is a disorganized focal growth that produces very striking wood grains as seen on this pen. This burl wood was treasured and horded by Chinese Emperors and not permitted for commoners. Contrasting with the Amboyna burl are bands of Honduran Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii) at the ends of the upper and lower body. Also known as Nogaed, this Rosewood grows in the Toledo District of southern Belize, primarily along rivers. The tree grows up to 100 feet high and 3 feet in diameter. The thin dark veneer separating the above woods is Black Ebony (Diospyros crassiflora). This slow growing tree from Central African lowland rainforests is now endangered, so I will not be obtaining any more. The pen is finished with over twelve coats of durable cyanoacrylate, which has been polished to a high gloss.

What better way to display these exotic woods than on a Royale fountain pen using bright rhodium plating with 22 carat gold plated hand-cast engravings on the centerband and endcaps. To complete your elegant writing experience, I can install either a Heritage Semi-flex two-tone steel nib, or for a small extra cost, a German-made Bock nib. A premium Schmidt piston filler converter is also included.

You can see how this pen was made HERE.

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Pen Serial #1222

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