1165 - Royale Flag Inlay FP

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Royale Fountain Pen

Flag Inlay with rhodium trim and 22k gold accents

Length - 5.3", Max diameter - 0.60", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.33", Weight - 1.7 ounces


Sign all your declarations with this luxurious flag inlay fountain pen. Just like Old Glory, this pen contains 50 stars, 7 red stripes, and 6 white stripes. There is also one extra white stripe for separation. I hand-placed and glued each of these laser-cut wood pieces individually. The stars and white stripes are made from beautiful curly Maple. The blue field and red stripes are made from color stabilized maple, a process where colored resins are injected into the wood pores under high pressure then heat treated. This strengthens and colors the wood. After gluing, the body is then carefully turned on my lathe until it is the correct size and shape. I protect it with 12 coats of durable cyanoacrylate finish and polish it to a high gloss before adding the pen hardware components.

What better way to display this handcrafted flag inlay than on a premium Royale fountain pen using precious rhodium plating and 22 carat gold-plated hand-cast engravings on the centerband and endcaps. To complete your elegant writing experience, I have installed a Heritage Semi-flex two-tone steel nib with fine point iridium tip. A Schmidt piston filler converter is included for use of bottled inks. This pen will also accept international standard ink cartridges and a sampling of Private Reserve colors are included for you to try.

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Pen Serial #1165

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