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El Capitan Fountain Pen

Afzelia Burl, gold trim

Refill: International standard ink cartridges or included converter

Length - 5.4", Max diameter - 0.62", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.43", Weight - 1.1 ounces


This is another relatively large capped pen that I created using burl wood of the Afzelia tree (Afzelia africana and Afzelia quanzensis, also known as Pod Mahogany and the "Lucky Bean Tree"). These trees are found primarily in Southern Africa and are named after Adam Afzelium, a Swedish botanist who first described these trees while living in Western Africa during the 1790's. The Afzelia grows about 50 feet in height and its bark has many local medicinal uses. It has large colorful red and black seeds that grow in pods. The burls from these trees are prized for their beautiful figured appearance and used in woodworking. The pen is highlighted with gold trim and black resin accents.

I can change out the nib to your preference in point size and nib stiffness. The pen accepts international standard ink cartridges and I also include a premium Schmidt converter, allowing you to use bottled inks. Although the cap screws onto the nib end of the pen for a secure fit, it is postable onto the opposite end of the barrel by friction fit when using the pen.

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