Slimline White Opal Acrylic

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Slimline Twist Pen

White opal acrylic body with gold titanium trim

Refill: Cross-style

Length - 5.3", Max diameter - 0.4", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.35", Weight - 0.8 ounces


This is a Slimline Twist Pen, much thinner than any of the other styles I make. The body of this pen is made out of white Opal acrylic and it has a translucent quality with quite a bit of depth, highlighted by the swirls of white opalescent pearl. After turning on my lathe, I polish the surface to a glassy shine. The opal acrylic is complemented by the gold titanium trim. This is one of the hardest platings available and should last a lifetime with proper care. To access the Cross-style refill, simply pull the top half of the pen off the underlying cartridge holder. then unscrew the refill.

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