Slimline Twist Purple Dymondwood

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Slimline Twist Pen

Purple Dymondwood body with chromium trim and decorative platinum centerband

Refill: Cross-style

Length - 5.1", Max diameter - 0.42", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.35", Weight - 0.8 ounces


This slim style twist pen has an eye-catching body made from layers of purple Dymondwood These layers of dyed northern hardwood veneers are vacuum impregnated with resin and then subjected to high temperatures while being compressed. The resultant product has the characteristics of high density hardwood and polycarbonate. After turning, the body is finished with 12 coats of cyanoacrylate and polished to a high gloss. The body is accented with chromium-plated trim and a special decorative platinum center band.

This pen takes a standard Cross-style refill which is accessed by pulling the top half of the pen off above the center band. The top half of the pen twists to extend the writing tip.