1153 Slimline Cocobolo

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Slimline Twist Pen

Cocobolo body with chromium trim

Refill: Cross-style

Length - 5.2", Max diameter - 0.37", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.34", Weight - 0.7 ounces


This pen is crafted from Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa), a wood native to Central America's Pacific Coast uplands. This wood is very dense, weighing almost twice as much as Cherry. Because of it's weight, it did not become popular in woodworking until the Panama Canal opened, allowing for easy shipping. It is now valued for use in fine furniture and cabinetry. Musical instruments and custom pool cues are often created from this wood. The wood is very durable has a variety of hues ranging from dark reddish brown, as seen in this pen, to shades of yellow and pink. The wood will gradually darken with time. This is said to be one of the most popular woods for pens. The wood is accented with bright chromium trim.

To extend the point of this pen, the upper body is twisted relative to the lower body by a half-turn. The standard Cross-style refill is accessed by pulling off the top half of the pen above the centerband. The refill then unscrews.

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