1212 Sing Sapphire Buckeye Burl

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Sing Twist Pen

Sapphire Dyed Buckeye Burl with 10k gold plated trim

Refill - Cross Style


This elegant pen is named after it's designer, Father Sing. The body of this pen is made out of beautiful Buckeye

Burl (Aesculus californica) that has been dyed using sapphire coloring. The complex growth pattern of the burl is

found near the root ball of the tree. To complement the rich burl pattern, this pen uses 10k gold plating on the

metal components. To protect the wood, the pen is finished in over 12 coats of durable cyanoacrylate finish that

have been polished to a high shine. The writing tip can be exposed by twisting the upper body of the pen relative

to the lower section.

This pen uses readily available Cross-style ink refills. The ink cartridge can accessed by pulling the upper half of

the pen off the lower half. The black cap of the refill is then exposed and this can be unscrewed.

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