Pinnacle Amboyna Burl

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Pinnacle Twist Pen

Amboyna Burl, Titanium gold and Black Titanium trim

Refill: Parker-style

Length - 5.1", Max diameter - 0.54", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.39", Weight - 1.6 ounces


The body of this Pinnacle twist pen is crafted using Amboyna burl, which comes from the Paduak tree (Pterocarpus indicus, also called a Narra tree) found in Southeast Asia. Although this tree is common, the burl is rare and striking in its appearance . It was named after the area in which the burl was first described, Ambon Island (currently Maluku, Indonesia). This wood was horded by Chinese Emperors and commoners could not use it. When cut, Amboyna burl gives off a strong, spicy scent that is relatively pleasing. This wood is used in veneers, luxury automobiles, and woodworking and woodturning. I protected the Amboyna with 12 coats of cyanoacrylate that have been polished to a high shine.

Titanium gold trim adds a bright highlight and the finial and section portions of the pen are finished in black titanium, one of the hardest of platings. The Parker-style refill is extended by twisting the finial at the top of the pen above the clip. The lower section of the pen below the lower twin beads unscrews to change the refill. Included with the pen is a premium EasyFLOW 9000 ink cartridge, manufactured by the Schmidt company in Germany. I have found this to be the finest Parker-style ink refill available.

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