Pinnacle Burgundy Dymondwood

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Pinnacle Twist Pen

Burgundy Dymondwood

Refill: Parker-style

Length - 5.1", Max diameter - 0.53", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.38", Weight - 1.5 ounces


This Pinnacle twist pen features a Dymondwood body. Multiple layers of dyed northern hardwood veneers are vacuum impregnated with resin and then subjected to high temperatures while being compressed. The resultant product has the characteristics of high density hardwood and polycarbonate. After turning, this is finished with 12 coats of cyanoacrylate and polished to a high shine. The pictures can't do this wood justice, because the appearance changes depending on the angle that the light strikes the surface. Sometimes it looks dark, and sometimes the multiple burgundy layers seem to glow. The body is accentuated by the titanium gold trim and by the smoky top finial and lower section that are plated in black titanium, one of the hardest platings available.

This pen uses standard Parker-style refills. The refill is extended by twisting the upper finial of the pen (above the clip). The lower section of the pen below the lower twin beads unscrews to change the refill. Included with the pen is a premium EasyFLOW 9000 ink cartridge, manufactured by the Schmidt company in Germany. I have found this to be the finest Parker-style ink refill available.

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