Hampton Twist Black Tru-stone

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Hampton Twist Pen

Black with gold matrix Tru-stone with 10k premium gold trim

Refill - Parker-style

Length - 5.5", Max diameter - 0.56", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.39", Weight - 1.9 ounces

$99 in premium Black Tru-stone

This Hampton twist pen is a larger than average pen, perfect for an executive's hand. It's elegant styling is similar to that of the Hampton rollerball or fountain pen. The body of this pictured pen is made of Tru-Stone. This is a man-made material composed of 85% natural stone ore that has been pulverized to a powder then mixed with pigments and acrylic resin. The result is a substance that looks and feels like natural stone, but can be turned on a lathe to make pens and other objects. Black Tru-stone is the hardest of the Tru-stones, making it a challenge to turn. Because it requires so much additional time to craft, it carries a premium in pricing. After shaping, the Tru-Stone was polished to a high gloss and assembled using gold trim to bring out the gold matrix of the stone.

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