1157 Euro Coffee Bean

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Euro II Twist Pen

Coffee Bean and white acrylic with chromium trim

Refill: Parker-style

Length - 5.6", Max diameter - 0.56", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.39", Weight - 1.4 ounces


Proudly show your love for coffee with this unique Euro II twist pen. The body of this pen is made with real coffee

beans that are suspended within white acrylic. While this material can be a little tricky to turn, the result is a truly

stunning pen that is sure to be a conversation piece. To protect the coffee beans, I finished the body with over 12

coats of cyanoacrylate, then polished it to a high gloss. The pen is further highlighted with bright chromium-

plated trim components. This pen measures 5.6 inches in length and weighs 1.4 ounces. The maximum pen

diameter is 0.56 inches.

The writing tip can be exposed by twisting the upper body of the pen relative to the lower section, in either

direction. This pen uses readily available Parker-style ink refills. The ink cartridge can be accessed by

unscrewing the upper body of the pen from the lower section. Included with the pen is a premium EasyFLOW

9000 ink cartridge, manufactured by the Schmidt company in Germany. I have found this to be the finest Parker-

style ink refill available.

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