1112 Euro Segmented Padauk

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European Twist Pen

Segmented upper body and Padauk lower body with titanium gold trim

Refill - Cross-style

Length - 5.6", Max diameter - 0.54", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.39", Weight - 1 ounce


This is the classic European style pen with the wider upper body and narrower lower body. The domed top is a signature of the European style pen. A similar pen with a flat top is the Classic American style pen. This pen utilizes a segmented upper body. Multiple different woods were glued together in a pattern (see pen blank picture below). When turned, it gives the unique design you see in the finished pen. The lower body is made from Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii), a vivid red-orange colored wood from Central and West Africa. The tree grows 100 feet tall and is 2 to 4 feet in diameter at the base. Its color makes it very popular as accent wood in fine furniture and craft objects as well as in veneers. In this pen, the lower body picks up the Paduak used in the upper body segments. With age, the Paduak will eventually turn a deeper brown color.

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