Magnetic Rollerball Pen
Brazilian Kingwood, Black Titanium Trim
Refill: Schmidt Rollerball
Length - 5.2", Max diameter - 0.52", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.51", Weight -  1.5 ounces
This modern take on a rollerball pen is unique due to it's magnetic cap. Instead of screwing off, the cap simply
pulls off. You can post it onto either end of the pen with a snap, as the magnet in the cap attaches it firmly in
place. The body of this pen is crafted from Brazilian Kingwood (Dalbergia cearensis), part of the rosewood family
found in South America. This wood was prized for furniture making by French Kings several hundred years ago.
Finished with 12 coats of durable cyanoacraylate that is polished to a high gloss, the wood is accented with
black titanium plating on the cap and finial. This is one of the hardest platings available. The pen measures 5.2
inches in length, weighs 1.5 ounces, and has a maximum pen diameter of 0.52 inches. A standard-size rollerball
refill  can be accessed by unscrewing the nib.  Included with the pen is a premium  German-made  Schmidt
rollerball cartridge with ceramic tip.
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Pen Serial #1178