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Styles of Pens

There are three fundamental pen types - the click pen, the twist pen, and the capped pen. For each type of pen, there are multiple different designs. Thick pens, skinny pens, short pens, with or without center-bands, and all different styles of metal trim pieces. I can make any of these designs using the pen body material of your choice.

Click Pen: People are probably most familiar with the click pen. There is a button on the end of the pen that you click in to extend the pen refill so you can write, then click again to retract the refill.

Twist Pen: For the twist pen, you twist some portion of the pen (typically the upper body) a quarter turn to extend the refill. You then twist it back to retract the refill. There is a transmission within the pen that converts the twisting motion into the pushing action on the refill.

Capped Pen: Finally, the capped pen has a fixed refill (typically a roller-ball refill). There is a removable cap that covers and protects the writing tip of the pen. Depending on the pen, you either pull off or unscrew this cap to write. Some capped pens allow you to mount the cap onto the opposite end of the pen while you write. This is called a "postable" cap. Most larger capped pens are non-postable, since the cap weight will unbalance the pen while your write. All fountain pens are capped pens.