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Seam Ripper
Bubinga with 24k Gold trim

Length - 4.5", Max diameter - 0.74", Weight -  1.0 ounce

This quality seam ripper is finely crafted using Bubinga (Guibourtia demeusei) wood. This giant tree is found in equatorial Africa and can grow over 130 feet high with a trunk diameter of 6 feet. The wood is extremely dense making it expensive to ship. This rich reddish wood regularly appeared in French Renaissance furniture of the 1700s. Woodturners especially like its even texture and coloration. It is commonly used by luthiers in guitars as a substitute for rosewood. Other uses of Bubinga is in archery bows and as an interior trim for Lexus luxury cars.

After drilling out the center of the wood blank, I epoxy in a brass tube. I then turn the wood on my lathe, carefully shaping it to the correct size and contour. It is then sanded multiple times to a perfectly smooth surface and polished to a high luster using walnut oil, waxes, and shellac. The metal components of this seam ripper are plated in high quality 24 carat gold. The ripper blade assembly is reversible and can be stored inside the handle when not in use, securely held by dual o-rings. The blade is also easily replaceable.
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