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Bullet Twist Pen
Black,bronze,gold and Pearl Resin with titanium gold trim on shell cartridge
Refill: Cross-style
Length - 5.3", Max diameter - 0.48", Diameter 1" above tip - 0.36", Weight -  1.3 ounces

The cartridge shell seen here is a genuine 30-06 Springfield shell casing. A real bullet is drilled hollow and inserted as the pen nib. A Cross-style twist pen mechanism is soldered into the base of the casing. The shell is also polished and clear powder-coated it so it will not tarnish. This preparatory work is performed by an expert who has the specialized equipment needed for this fabrication.  I then take this converted shell cartridge and craft the body for the top half of the pen. In this pen I utilized a hand-made polyester resin blank containing a mixture of black, bronze, and gold dyes as well as Pearl, which gives a subtle sparkling quality to the blank after I polished it to a high gloss. The colors really enhance the bright brass of the cartridge. A titanium gold finial and clip complete this pen.

When I first heard about pens made out of real bullets, I thought is was just a novelty. After using one, I find that these make fine writing instruments. The weight and balance is perfect for writing and this pen will be an elegant conversation piece. It uses standard Cross-style refills that can be accessed by pulling the top off the pen. Please note that I have access to multiple different cartridge shell sizes. Please contact me if you would like a pen made from your favorite size of ammunition.

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